Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dawkins fanboys

This made me laugh out loud today - superb

WARNING: The messages Dawkins is reading out are from religious people so expect some hateful language designed to threaten, denigrate and vilify; but worst of all expect horrific scientific ignorance. (not safe for work, or civilised society)

Some might argue that this is just an example of people exercising their right to free-speech, well not entirely. Here we (mostly) have a bunch of people attacking a man, an individual; NOT the ideas he promotes, a classic example of an ad-hominem attack, which in plain language means slagging someone off when you don't have a good come-back; it's a very common tactic among critics of Dawkins since most of them have pathetically few substantive rebuttals of his position (and let's face it most of his arguments are neither new nor his) or can't be bothered to actually find out what he really says. I really don't understand people who fail to distinguish between themselves and the ideas they hold at any particular point in time, people deserve respect, ideas do not.

Fortunately Dawkins shows the correct way to deal with assorted insults regardless, i.e. with humour - religionists take note.

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