Monday, January 19, 2015

Muslims, get with the programme!

Maajid Nawaz unleashing a torrent of common sense in the direction of those Muslims who don't seem to understand the value of reciprocation, solidarity and community integration and who are upset at the content of the letter sent to them today from the Communities Secretary requesting that they think about ways to explain how Islam "can be part of the British identity". The MCB (Muslim Council of Britain) has rejected this letter and doesn't see why it should be part of any solution to the problem of Islamism in Europe. Either these people really don't get it, or even worse, they are part of the problem! Either way I can only see more trouble ahead unless moderate Muslims start to "man up" and take some responsibility for helping to find solutions to this issue and be seen to do so; purging the MCB of unhelpful laggards would be a good start.

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