Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The sleep of reason

Horrific news from France today, Islamic gunmen stormed the offices of a French newspaper and opened fire with automatic weapons, then executed police officers trying to stop them. I use the word executed because that's the correct term for when someone puts a gun to the head of an injured (and incapacitated) opponent and pulls the trigger. There's a video on YouTube right now (I won't link to it and I doubt it'll be up there for long) taken by a bystander from the roof of an adjacent building showing one of the terrorists doing precisely this.

So, innocent people are being summarily executed by Muslims on the streets of Paris for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time and office workers slaughtered at their desks for the crime of drawing a cartoon. I hope that now people will now think twice about giving any credence to the relativist cosmopolitan elite who are so fond of saying that violence of this kind has nothing to do with Islam; as no doubt that will be their response. Perhaps Angela Merkel will re-think her nauseatingly transparent PC condemnation of the Pegida rallies across Germany this past weekend and perhaps the next Islamic apologist or left leaning media commentator who starts an article or interview with the sentence "the majority of Muslims are not terrorists" will ponder that (albeit correct) statement and think about Germany in 1919 when a small aggressive group of similarly anti-free-speech fascists started their journey into the light; within 30 years that little ideological experiment culminated in the deaths of roughly 50 million people and the moderate (silent) majority proved utterly irrelevant.

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