Friday, January 16, 2015

Is anybody out there?

Raif Badawi (who I mentioned on Wednesday) has had his flogging postponed this week on "medical grounds". A doctor apparently decided that his "wounds" had not healed sufficiently for them to be re-opened again this week (a Saudi court sentenced him to 1000 lashes, 50 per week for 20 weeks).

I haven't read or heard about any significant Muslim outrage or "offence taking" about this other than from the commendable @MaajidNawaz  ; an interesting side note is that Saudi Arabia have executed 9 people so far in 2015 one of whom was a woman who despite pleading her innocence to the end was beheaded in public without any form of aesthetic. Capital punishment is not unique to Saudi of course but why this backward country feels it's necessary to hack at peoples' necks with a sword in what appear to be half empty car parks (see picture above) seems perverse in the extreme, it's almost like they want incriminating pictures to leak out. A very dark hearted society indeed, and by all accounts getting darker as the pressure to reform increases.

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