Tuesday, September 29, 2015

America, really?

I was horrified to read recently that US Presidential candidate (Republican) Ben Carson is on record as saying that Darwin came up with the theory of evolution whilst under the influence of the devil! You can see the video in which he makes these claims above but be warned it's really hard to watch. Carson just comes across as a complete buffoon, spouting all kinds of crazy anti-science, medieval creationist bull, occasionally bordering on outright lies.

It's clear that this kind of delusional clap-trap goes down well with a certain crowd in the USA (i.e. the Christian loony right typically) but what's really scary is that Carson was supposedly a top neurosurgeon before taking up politics, i.e. someone who has benefited (career-wise & monetarily) from the very science that he is dismissing in this video. It's utterly bizarre that someone like this can hold these views, either he is mentally ill or simply a lying huckster who will say literally any old crap just to get a vote, either way what with creationist loons and money grabbing monsters (Trump) US politics is in a really sorry state at the moment.

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