Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Hypocrites r us

Lot's of hot air being expended in the USA at the moment over the case of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis. Davis refused to issue a marriage licence to a gay couple (something she is legally obliged to do) because she is a Christian; what seems like an incredibly simple choice to most non-religious people, i.e. do your job or quit has been blown up out of all proportion by wanna-be theocrats and Republican presidential candidates like Mike Huckabee. Last week Davis was held in contempt of court for refusing to issue licenses to certain couples (on repeated occasions) and was locked up for a couple of days; she was released today and treated like a hero by her sheep-like religious supporters. They claim this is a case of religious freedom, most sane people immediately realise this is a case of a bigot who wishes to impose her personal beliefs on everyone else in defiance of the law of the land and against the sense of morality and fairness of the majority of the population.

Not only is this odious official a bigot she is also a hypocrite; the ancient book that she claims to be adhering to (i.e. the Bible) does indeed label homosexuality an abomination (in several places), but it also forbids divorce and adultery, both instructions Davis chooses to ignore; she has been married 3 times and had children with a married man whilst married to another, a pretty crappy Christian if ever I saw one.

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