Monday, September 28, 2015

Tomato soup Moon

I can only marvel at the way that some (stupid) people are getting overexcited about the particular alignment of stars, planets and satellites last night that caused a shadow to be cast over the surface of the Moon and for the light from the Sun to be filtered through the atmosphere of the Earth on its way there. Officially this is known as a Lunar eclipse as opposed to a solar eclipse when the Moon sits in front of the Sun, relative to the Earth (more spectacular IMO). So, superstitious, religious, new-age, spiritual, astrologist (delete as appropriate) people, show yourselves some respect, stop peddling these imaginary end of the world/apocalypse dramas, you're just making yourselves look even more infantile than normal!

During these alignments the Earth's atmosphere causes the Solar light to be discoloured and the Lunar surface to appear slightly reddish brown in colour. The more superstitious among us over the ages have leapt on this natural event and concluded that because the colour of the Moon is slightly red then it must have something to do with "blood" and anything to do with blood is bad, therefore a Lunar eclipse is a portent of something bad happening. What a sad bunch of losers those superstitious people are with their Gods, devils and blood myths, why blood? If you look at the actual colour it's more like a home made tomato soup than blood (which would be much redder) so why not a "tomato soup" moon or a "red squirrel" moon, no, "blood" has much more weight to scare (and control) the gullible; they'll be trying to convince us there's a giant man in the sky watching our every apish impulse next...

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