Friday, December 25, 2015

Atheist values

I see our beloved Prime Minister David Cameron has chosen to reference one particular religion in his Christmas message to the nation. In it he recommends that we all take stock of our "important religious roots" and that we adopt "Christian values".

I'm fascinated to understand what "Christian values" actually are? It seems to me that judging by the observed beliefs and actions of Christians both past and present the set of particular values that might be labelled "Christian" seem to overlap by about 100% with regular Human values; much like a puddle fits a hole. Cameron suggests two such "Christian values", those of sharing and giving, I'm not sure what's specifically "Christian" about these things, maybe he's referring to indoctrination and tithing or perhaps this is a Christmas "making stuff up" game we can all play?

I'd like to put forward a couple of important Atheist values that are also essential for building stable and happy societies, language and learning, without which we wouldn't have made it out of our primitive hunter-gatherer cave dwelling phase; although thinking about it, perhaps some politicians still haven't quite.

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