Friday, December 04, 2015

Ssssssh, you know who..

As the background to the mass shooting in California unfurls the mists are hopefully clearing and the police there are getting closer to understanding the motives of the killers, several important clues have emerged over the course of the day. Firstly this wasn't a random or spontaneous act, the shooters were well prepared and had a stockpile of weapons, bombs, bullets and bomb-making equipment, they even had military style clothing to slip into before embarking on their rampage of death. It appears that the main killer was a devout Muslim, had been in contact with known extremists and had recently visited Saudi Arabia; to most casual observers it would seem that this looks like another Islamist inspired atrocity. As usual most media outlets do their utmost not to mention the "I" word, most ordinary people you talk to about it mention this first. Much like the Christianism inspired killings a week or so ago I suspect this crime will turn out to be another example of religion helping to inspire terror and stupidity, it doesn't seem to matter which particular flavour we're talking about, in some brains this mind-virus has an unfortunate capacity to inspire acts of pure evil.

After the positive vote on Wednesday our air force is now attacking ISIS in Syria directly; as most experts agree this will probably only have a small effect on them but will almost certainly increase the risk of attacks like this happening in big cities around the UK. We can only hope that the intelligence agencies have the resources and the smarts to figure out the who and the when before the psychopathy takes control.

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