Saturday, December 05, 2015

Read the Bible lately?

Here's an interesting little prank by a couple of naughty Dutch guys; they took a Bible and disguised it as a Koran, then read out particularly barbaric and medieval passages (there are so many to choose from) to people in the street and asked them what they thought. Predictably, the people shown had no clue that it was a Bible being read and weighed into Islam; I suspect you'd get a very similar response from people here, most Christians I speak to have only ever been spoon fed the verses that a) make sense and b) have some well rehearsed and contrived allegory associated with them, the rest of the nasty stuff surprises them when pointed out. This is often true even though many have been "Christian" for their entire lives. 

Nothing like a bit of confirmation bias to generate that warm fuzzy "in-group" feeling..

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