Friday, September 16, 2016

Exodus 22:18

Amazingly (in this day and age) we still have to have people who campaign against huckster preachers visiting our capital city (London) and preaching to paying audiences on topics such as curing demonic possession and how to deal with witches; Pastor Daniel Olukoya currently speaking at the Excel centre in London's East end is such a preacher (see book above). 

To vulnerable and gullible people in our society this represents a clear and present danger. As recently as 2010 Kristy Bamu (aged 15) died whilst being "exorcised" (aka tortured) by relatives in the borough of Newham and Scotland Yard have investigated nearly 100 such cases in recent years. Since moderate believers don't seem to be willing to reliably challenge this kind of primitive literalism and the criminals and con-men who peddle it, the job often falls to atheists, humanists and other sceptics like Leo Igwe who more or less stands alone as a beacon of rationality in a fog of superstition and barbarity in places like Nigeria from where this peculiar brand of lethal racket emerges. And they say "faith" is a virtue?

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