Friday, September 23, 2016

Irish lies are smiling..

I came across this little story today, it's about an Irish MLA (member of the legislative assembly) and DUP member, Thomas Buchanan, who's in in the papers at the moment for supporting an event that aims to promote creationism to children by telling lies about the facts of evolution. The Assemblyman is on record as saying.. 

“I long to see the day when every school in Northern Ireland will stand up and teach creationism, and turn away from the peddled lie that is evolution.”

Clearly the man is an idiot and doesn't deserve the trust and support of his electorate. Any politician who can blatantly deny proven and demonstrable scientific facts like this and favour the teaching of ancient myths and fairy tales in the science curriculum isn't fit to lead anyone. By all means teach the myriad of creation myths in the RE or philosophy class and feel free to hold your own special affection for the Hebrew one if you feel that way inclined, but don't think that ignorance is an acceptable position from which to exploit children; rational people will point you out and expose your lies.

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