Monday, September 12, 2016


Rather unbelievably our Government (Ofcom) seems to be willing and able to spend money investigating (and throwing out) complaints that a children's TV program appears to show a fictitious page of Arabic script being trodden on (by accident) by fictitious computer generated characters. The "taking offence" Islamo-bots swung into action accusing the program of offending Islamic sensibilities by treading on pages of the Koran. As you can see from the picture the text is illegible and almost certainly completely randomly generated, a coincidence at most. Even so the production company has (unwisely) removed this episode. It seems perverse to me that in the 21st century we're still arguing about magic books and imaginary anthropomorphic super-humans in the sky when we have real problems to deal with, like climate change, it looks like tomorrow will be the hottest September day (UK) in the last 55 years, the general trend is becoming very noticeable.

I wish these offence taking idiots (of all religions) would stop, think and appreciate that their particular magic book has absolutely no significant meaning to those millions of us who simply don't believe that any of them are anything other than ancient collections of man-made stories. Part of growing up in this universe should be having to accept that not everything you believe is either true or respected; the religious cry-babies need to grow up and get over it, some people will insult, ridicule, criticise and defame their most deeply held beliefs, and most of those people will be people who hold conflicting supernatural beliefs, however, regardless of where they come from, when you ignore insults in a democracy they tend to lose their power and attraction.

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