Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rivers of blood

This photo was taken in the Bangladesh capital Dakha, it shows the result of stupidity combining with climate. The streets are full of red coloured water because a heavy rain storm corresponded with the Islamic festival of Eid when animals are "sacrificed" by cutting their throats while the animal is still alive (usually in back-alleys and garages) Since the animals' heart is still beating blood will spurt everywhere in large quantities hence the water pollution shown in the photo.

Judging by the amount of blood in the pictures I can only imagine how many unfortunate goats, sheep or cows were dispatched. Not only is this practice inhumane it will almost certainly lead to some horrendous future odours and potentially Human epidemics as the drying blood clogs up poorly maintained drains and waterways. In such a ramshackle city it's inconceivable that infected slurry won't find it's way back into the drinking water system, a highly unpleasant thought. What with atheists and secularists being hacked to death in the streets, primitive blood letting rituals and rivers of blood instead of tarmac I doubt the Dakha tourist industry will be up to much for the foreseeable future, I'm certainly in no hurry to book.

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