Thursday, January 10, 2019

Inconvenient Truths

Next time a bleeding heart lefty claims that Islamic fundamentalism wouldn't be a "thing" if the West (i.e. the USA) would just stop interfering in the internal politics of Islamic countries or would just stop removing the crime-families that run those countries, remind them of the following (below) historical fact.

In 1788 when the United States was barely a country, was having its sailors taken as slaves by the Barbary states (the states of the Ottoman Empire and North Africa, ‘Shores of Tripoli’), having its ships stopped, its cruise carried off into slavery – we estimate 1.5 million European and American slaves taken between 1750 and 1815 – Jefferson and Adams went to their Ambassador in London and said, Why do you do this to us? The US has never had a quarrel with the Muslim world of any kind. We weren’t in the Crusades and we weren’t in the war in Spain, why do you plunder and enslave our people? and the Ambassador said very plainly said, Mr. Brockman, because the Quran gives us permission to do so, because you are infidels. And that’s our answer, and Mr. Jefferson said, Well in that case I’ll send a navy which will crush your state, which he did and a good thing too. Islamic fundamentalism is not created by American democracy. It is a lie to say so. It is a masochistic lie…” 

~ Christopher Hitchens

Then ask if they think that having a certain set of ideas and beliefs, beliefs that have been indoctrinated into generations of children for centuries and cannot be abandoned (under pain of death) might, just might, have some influence on the actions of (some of) said peoples?

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