Wednesday, April 25, 2018


I see that the row over the terminally ill baby Alfie Evans continues at a pace today.

The various positions seem to line up along religious lines (as is common in these kinds of cases) Many (virtue-signalling) Christians seem to be advocating continued medical intervention in the hope of some kind of "miracle" happening at some point in the future with seemingly little regard for the quality of life of the child himself, stress on the parents or the resources required to do that. On the other side we have the weight of expertise of the medical team treating him, the NHS, several UK judges, the High Court and numerous medical experts who have reviewed the case in detail, a classic "blind-faith" vs. "reason" battle.

Last week that well known medical expert (who still believes in possession by devils) The Pope, weighed in and has focused Catholics around the world onto the case. Now, from the USA we have the Ex-US Governor and Presidential candidate, "huckster Huckabee, tweeting that "the UK Government shouldn't make decisions that only God should make" and "Brits have decided some kids just aren't worth that much and are disposable" I don't think I've ever encountered such a hypocritical, ignorant scum-bag as Huckabee, here is someone prepared to use the terminal illness of a child to make a political point about subsidized health-care. He doesn't even understand the basic difference between a Government decision and a High-Court decision, what a moron! I can think of a few choice Anglo-Saxon phrases for that waste of skin and organs. Someone (Boris?) should tweet back, "if this boy was black, poor and American he'd already be dead", but then again, I'm sure most reasonable Americans are ashamed of such an arrogant and ignorant prick, a complete disgrace to his State and Government.

As if they don't have enough problems of children being killed unnecessarily in their own country, apparently there's a demonstration outside the UK embassy in Washington on Thursday lead by a Catholic priest. In addition to the school-shootings epidemic in the USA, you would have thought that Catholics should have learned by now that since many of their clergy systematically raped and abused thousands of children over decades whilst their leaders covered it up to save their pathetic scum-bag faces that their moral-authority in civilised society is around about zero these days, although thank you for your concern, I'm sure.

Sadly we seem to have a bunch of people hiding behind "faith" (believing things against all evidence) to score political points and insert their supposed "God" into the public square. All of this (supposed) "good-will" with no regard for the details of the case, the child, the expertise of the medical team or the resources being expended following a hopeless course of action. Scans show that the degradation of the child's brain tissue is "catastrophic" and further invasive treatments, let alone trying to fly him to a different country, would, by any measure be unkind and inhumane. The irony of the religious position on this is that none of them ask themselves the question "why did their God put this fatal disease into this little boy the first place?" That awkward thought, of course, will be a "mystery". The only mystery for me is how otherwise intelligent people can delude themselves so circuitously like this.

The strong emotions are understandable and perfectly natural, every decent parent on the planet feels it, I certainly do! In fact, we even have a word for it, it's a Human emotion called "empathy", it makes us think about what we'd all feel and do in similar, hopeless situations, like this. Curiously for these Christians though, their God seemingly knows nothing of this quality? Anyway, God or no God I find the stupidity and callousness of many on the religious-side in this dispute overwhelmingly nauseating.

Update: Best twitter thread on this issue between an American right-wing "Christian" and an English Barrister you can read it here..

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