Sunday, April 15, 2018

Peak Facebook?

I caught some of the video-testimony of Mark Zuckerberg to the US congress this week, he was talking about the recent privacy scandals around his social-media platform, Facebook. Much of it was uneventful and yet certain parts somewhat awkward. At some points he comes across as simply nervous, at other times he looks positively demonic, answering some seemingly simple questions in very obscure and tortured ways, often not answering at all. The fact that a relatively simple exploit could be used to harvest personal information from millions of people right under the noses of the administrators of this platform seems incredible, the suspicion of collusion seems unavoidable. I wonder if this will be the scandal that will force the hand of the board of this company and mark a change in it's dictatorial trajectory, it should certainly make people a little more wary of how and where they choose to fill in those personal profile boxes.

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