Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Education, and perspective

Imagine this circle is the sum of Human knowledge, and when you are born you know nothing.

After 14 or so years at school (and living) the amount you know has increased nicely but it's still small

After another couple of years at school you've taken your GCSE's and your knowledge has increased even more

Assuming you stay on and do A-Levels things get a little bit more specialised, you learn more but in a narrow field.

Having moved onto University and through undergraduate life, your specialisation increases even more and gets even narrower.

Finally you get to the boundary of knowledge, you read lots of research papers, work and push on through.

You do your PhD and make a breakthrough! Congratulations the sum of Human knowledge is now different from when you started.

But it's always useful to keep things in perspective..

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