Saturday, June 23, 2018

Cracking evening

Since it was a cracking evening yesterday (weather-wise) we couldn't resist popping into the Fox & Hounds in Caversham for a swift half before picking up one of the kids from school and heading into Reading for an Honest Burger (new'ish burger-chain in town that I previously posted about here) The food was v. good again and the Siren beer was à point as usual! The beer in the photo (taken at the pub) is from a brewery called Magic Rock based ooop North (Huddersfield I think) and is a 6% hazy IPA called "The Fabulist", a very dank and resin filled little number with a lingering sweetness on the finish, most agreeable on a sunny Friday evening.

Walking back to the car park through the town centre we saw a hot-air balloon flying overhead, it looked v. cool framed by a perfectly deep-blue sky. At one point earlier in the walk it lined up exactly with the moon which would have made a great photo - unfortunately my photo-opportunity senses are nowhere near fine-tuned enough and I only thought about it after the moment had passed. 

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