Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Here's an interesting question. 

Assuming this woman attending the World Cup in Russia is Iranian and that in her home country she is required (by law) to wear certain clothing, then why isn't she wearing the same kind of garb (i.e. a Hijab) as she is in her Id photo (see below)?

There are a number of possibilities I suppose...

1. She isn't in her home country and feels secure enough to wear what she prefers or wants to wear, i.e. not a hijab.

2. This is an elaborate conspiracy by the Iranian government  to seed the Iranian fans with pretty women wearing normal Western clothing in order to throw us off the scent in terms of pointing out the obvious misogyny involved in forcing 50% of your population to wear bin-bags by law.

3. The whole photo is being staged by some western agitator who wishes to embarrass the Iranian government and it's her ID photo that's actually fake.

I'm pretty sure that I know which of these is more likely, which the right-wing commentators would say and which the Iranian government would say, I wonder which is true?

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