Tuesday, December 05, 2023


I tried this Siren beer back in 2021 at an event in the brewery, called "Dark and Perilous Nights", we all believed at the time that the keg we sampled from back then was the last one ever, but fortunately, not ones to pass a good thing by, the folks at Siren have done a re-brew for Christmas 2023. 

I managed to snag a couple of 330ml bottles last weekend and couldn't resist a little QC experiment on Saturday evening. Weighing in at 12.4% ABV it's a monster of a dark beer, barrel aged in old Bourbon barrels it has that delicious dark sugar/molasses and toffee vibe but wow, the chocolate in this version is on a different level, so thick and unctuous and perfectly balanced, no alcohol burn whatsoever and a mouthfeel to die for. Anyway, I have one more bottle left, perhaps one for Christmas day in front of a roaring fire with a slab of Stilton and some crusty bread. I'm salivating at the thought already!

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