Monday, March 09, 2015

Festival of Wood

My local craft brewer (Siren Craft Brew) held a little shindig on Saturday to celebrate the combination of beer and wood; namely the aging of certain types of beer in various wooden casks (i.e. casks that previously held things like whiskey and cognac). Some mates and I spent a rather fine afternoon setting the world to rights and supping numerous samples of the amber (sometimes yellow, sometimes black) necker.

The beers I tried were as follows,

Kernel, Biere de Saison - A light, citrus, sour, wine barrel aged Saison (4%) from keg  7/10
Siren, Sound Wave - West Coast style IPA, hoppy (5.6%) from keg 7/10
Harbour Ales, Barrel Aged Dunkel - Bordeaux barrel aged (6.8%), vanilla, cream and hops 8.5/10
Wild Beer Co., Special Sourdough - Aged Saison style beer, sour and citrus (4%) 4/10
Siren, Broken Dream - Porter style, coffee, chocolate, thick creamy (6%) 7/10
Mikkeller, Spontantripleblueberry - 1kg of berries/litre, thick, reddish, beer smoothie (10%) 7/10
Siren, Liquid Mistress - Red IPA, raisins, hoppy (5.8%) 7.5/10

All followed by a Chicken Dhansak and Pilau rice, life is good.

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