Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Wonder..

I wonder what fundamental freak of nature could have possibly lead a crowd outside a mosque in Afghanistan to beat, stone and immolate a young woman last week. I also wonder why it was exclusively men who brutalised her, whilst (armed) police looked on. I wonder how these people will be punished, especially now that we know the woman was utterly innocent of the supposed crime (of burning some paper) she was accused of.

I wonder why it is that the people in this crowd look like they have been brainwashed with some vile and immoral set of beliefs that decisively inform their actions. I wonder why these people look like they have no idea whatsoever what constitutes humane behaviour but ironically seem to believe they have a monopoly on what constitutes "right". I wonder what education and cultural system could possibly generate such disproportionate and irrational hysteria?

I wonder..

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