Monday, March 23, 2015

Less is more

Tried this limited edition 10 year anniversary beer from Thornbridge on Friday night. 

Now I do like a drop of the original "Jaipur" which is light, fruity, citrus clean and hop laden and I was looking forward to this special version which is advertised as "like the original but more of everything". I'm sad to report that sometimes more isn't necessarily good when applied to "everything". The problem I have with this beer is alcohol, at 10% abv it's simply too "hot", I can't get past the thumping great hit of booze that for me obliterates any complexity within the flavour profile of the drink itself. The sickly sweet attack of this beer followed by a scorching "alcohol burn" on the finish make it difficult to enjoy; medicinal and too overpowering for me, I quickly reverted to something from Beavertown at around 4% with some depth of flavour that I could enjoy without gritting my teeth.


Chairman Bill said...

Too much garam masalla for me.

Chairman Bill said...

PS - forgot to click the "I am not a robot" thingie, but it still accepted my post. I suspect the check is not in the right place in the code.

Chairman Bill said...

Did it again!