Monday, March 09, 2015

Good as gold

So the Apple Watch is here, a range of models from $349 right up to an eye-watering $17,000 (£11000) for some of the 18 carat gold versions. Unbelievably there is no difference (functionally) between the cheapest and the most expensive models meaning that the price differential is purely down to the materials used. I'm not sure I'd pay £11K for a lump of cheap gold; but then I suppose this product isn't really aimed at technology buyers like me, more your aspirational types perhaps. Still, I think it will do well and so I've already started playing around with the Watch Kit which is Apple's SDK (software development kit) to see if I can get inspired to build a couple of apps for it; the gestures and haptic features in conjunction with the inter-device connectivity (which they make really easy) are particularly interesting for business oriented notification style applications.

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