Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Snooze cruz

I was munching my cornflakes and watching the news this morning and this chap popped up (the one on the right) He is Senator Ted Cruz a right wing, science denying, climate change denying, bible bashing, anti-gay, creationist buffoon from Texas and guess what - he's running for President!

You don't need to drill too far into the ideology of this cartoon character to discover that he's an idiot, in fact he's a second generation idiot; the geezer on his left in this photo is his Dad, who's an evangelical preacher (i.e. a parasite on society) and he is on record as claiming that atheists and secularists should be transported to special "camps" in California and Oregon where they can be incarcerated behind razor wire, to be shot (between the eyes) should they dare step over the line. Presumably Cruz senior thinks the USA has an "atheist" problem in the same way that Germany had a "Jewish" problem back in the 30s?

Come on Americans you are better than this... where are the Democrat leaders?

Disposing (intellectually) of loonies like this should be like shooting fish in a barrel, and let's face it there's no shortage of people over there who love to shoot stuff.

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