Monday, June 08, 2015

Atheist banter

I read an amusing exchange this morning between an Atheist and a Christian on Facebook, the Christian was making the usual naive mistake of thinking that the Atheist would somehow be impressed or fearful of silly Biblical threats regurgitated verbatim with absolutely no evidence or explanation. The theist in question sounded like one of those naive middle-American Bible bashing types who'd never heard any of the many logical, philosophical or ethical arguments against his position.

Anyway the exchange also highlighted another Christian dilemma involving the existence of Gods; it went something like this,

Christian: ... but what would you say if you died and found yourself standing before God?

Atheist: Well that would depend..

Christian: What do you mean?

Atheist: It would depend on the God I was standing before, for example if it were Thor then I'd probably ask for hair-care tips...

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