Sunday, June 07, 2015

Saturday samples

Decided to treat myself on Saturday evening; dropped into the Grumpy Goat beer shop in Reading and picked up a couple of new beers to try. Arbor is a small brewery near Bristol and not one that I'd heard of before, there were a couple of different beers on offer so I picked up one bottle of each. The Yakima valley was an American style IPA; hugely hoppy, pours a murky orange colour with a great aroma, fruity, citrus, light, long dry and bitter finish a success, I really liked it but at 7% it drank far too easily, restraint required. The second of the brace was called "Transpacific IPA" which superficially was along similar lines but using a mix of New Zealand and US hops; very hoppy on the nose again but a completely different taste, instead of a zesty, citrus spine this beer was heavier, overcast, more of a golden syrup/burnt sugar vibe going on, not as easy to drink and not as likeable in my opinion (more of a Winter brew perhaps). Certainly not a bad beer by any means, but for my palette, not as good as the Yakima Valley.

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