Wednesday, June 03, 2015

This remedy is a hoot!

Came across this enlightening YouTube today; it's about a homoeopathic pharmacy in Glasgow called "Freemans" that receives tens of thousands of pounds from NHS Bristol and NHS Glasgow for treatments which include things like Asbestos, E. Coli and Uranium (handy for people that live near Chernobyl?). In their materials they were advertising homoeopathic 'Horned Owl' which was so intriguing that a researcher from the Good Thinking Society phoned them up and asked about it assuming this was a supposed remedy for people allergic to owls; he recorded the call. The response from the pharmacy was even more bizarre than he thought; absolutely hysterical, you just have to listen to it.

What grown adults waste their own money on is their own business; but NHS money wasted on this crap is criminal especially when the news is full of stories about the service being unable to afford new life prolonging cancer drugs and potentially life changing treatments like IVF.

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