Monday, June 08, 2015

Gun flint and apricots

We hosted our first BBQ of the Summer yesterday (Sunday) and spent a lovely afternoon in the garden watching the kids perfecting their trampoline somersaults (lot's of wincing going on from the adults) and gossiping with 3 generations of my kin. To accompany the rumours and bad jokes about absent family members I opened a bottle of Dog Point Chardonnay from New Zealand and it turned out to be even more fruity than the rumours!

Run by a couple of guys who used to work for "Cloudy Bay" (probably the most internationally famous NZ winery) Dog Point (based in Marlborough) have been knocking out great Sauvignon Blanc for a good few years, but up until now I'd never tried their Chardonnay, which isn't such an established variety in NZ. The wine (from the 2011 vintage) was a revelation, wonderfully Burgundian in some ways and yet typically Kiwi in others, just what you would hope for from a producer at the top of their game and a relatively new (to the international market) and exciting wine region. From Burgundy there was a rich hazelnut oil viscosity paired with citrus and a flinty gun smoke aroma but then you get a smack in the chops from some wonderfully exotic New Zealand fruit flavours, apricots, mango and pineapple; an absolute delight paired with the usual Summer BBQ spread. I bought this last year so hopefully they still have some left at the wine shop!

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