Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Now only 2nd most hated..

Our pious American cousins have voted on the kinds of people that they would least likely vote for in the upcoming presidential election. At the bottom of the list below Mormons, Jews, Muslims, Gays and Women are Atheists. Now statistically speaking it's almost a certainty that several American presidents have been atheists already, it's likely that Obama is, and Kennedy would have probably been a safe bet; but we all know that no politician worth his or her salt in the USA can actually admit even being doubtful and still get elected to office. This is one of the great dichotomies of the modern age; how can a modern, liberal superpower not elect a leader from one of the largest, if not the largest identifiable sections of it's society, it can't be because of belief as the majority Christian population can't by definition agree with the beliefs of a Jew or a Muslim and many religions remain steadfastly discriminatory when it comes to women leaders and people of minority sexual orientations. No doubt this is a question that will baffle scholars for years to come, but atheists can take one small crumb of consolation, at least we're not as hated as Socialists. (although, what if you're an American, lesbian atheist and a socialist? Probably not wise to quit your day job..)

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