Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cursing in Florida

More religious daftness going on in Florida, USA as a disgruntled local religious freedom activist finally (after much legal wrangling) got to make his point about Christian invocations impinging on his first amendment rights by forcing the council to allow him to give a Satanic invocation. What followed was pure comedy gold, it could have been filmed in the darkest most superstitious backwater of Haiti or Albino eating village in Nigeria, pure superstition, pure fear-mongering. The frantic Christians can be seen running around waving crosses, trying to disrupt proceedings and trying to out-do the speech with their own particular "magic" mumbled words. All totally ridiculous; no wonder that country is on the brink of electing a con-artist to be president; when you see stupidity like this you can understand the mentality that arrives at such a perverse destination.

In reality activist Davis Suhor didn't actually give a Satanic invocation, he just said a few wise words, nor did he "curse" anyone, mainly because THERE'S NO SUCH THING, but also because he's quite a reasonable man. All he asks is that council meetings start with a minute of silence where people of different religions or none can pray to whomever they like in private, i.e. that the constitution separating church and state is simply observed. This kind of thing is a problem in the UK too; the right to say "Christian" prayers at the start of council meetings is actually enshrined into law here. Eric Pickles the ex-Local Government Secretary was instrumental in pushing this law through against the tide of statistics showing that we no longer live in a "Christian Country". Pickles took this crusade on after his (rather substantial) Christian nose was put out of joint at the mere suggestion by the NSS that his particular brand of superstition shouldn't hold a privileged position in local Government proceedings. Pickles behaved like a classic playground-bully and pushed the law through, reversing a previous high court decision. Ultimately this principal is something that will be challenged again and again until reason prevails, assuming of course that we're not all speaking Russian by then.


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