Monday, July 04, 2016

Rodents fleeing?

I see that Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader and champion of all loud-mouthed saloon bar intellectuals resigned (again) today. I'm not celebrating just yet as his resignations are turning out to be as reliable as his attendance record at the European Parliament (he is ranked 747th out of 751 for poor voting attendance)  Interestingly there's no mention so far of the £80 grand a year we pay him to be a representative of the UK people at this organisation, I wonder if he'll be donating that salary to charity now that he's officially retiring?

As far as Brexit is concerned, both Farage and Johnson have now "left the field of play"; they remind me of the person who comes to your party uninvited, drinks all your booze, shits in your bed and leaves before everyone wakes up. The only senior Brexit politician left to loath now is Gove who according to many in his own party is so disliked and mistrusted that he almost certainly has a very short runway remaining before his career runs out of tarmac. There aren't many teachers I know who will shed a tear when that happens.

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