Sunday, July 31, 2016

Literal evil

Much as I dislike linking to people like this, I think it's about time we are honest with ourselves and recognise that there are a bunch of self appointed religious "leaders" (I use the term in it's weakest sense) that continue to preach to and influence young people that it's OK to follow their holy book literally, in fact they claim it's a duty. Here we have some Cardiff bloke (who looks uncannily like Borat) telling his followers that sex slaves are perfectly cool under Islam. Of course, if you actually bother to read the books themselves this is indeed what they say. The Bible also condones slavery, but fortunately here in the enlightened West, our legal system does not. That's the great thing about living in the 21st century, we have realised that the so called "holy books" of the bronze age Middle East are nothing but a bunch of fairy tales, and have ever since been drilled into children's brains in order to keep people under the heal, they're nothing to do with morality, ethics or the best way to run a society.

This is hate speech if ever I heard it, pure misogyny. a primitive hatred and fear of honest sex and equality with Women. It's hard to know what to do with such people, they hide under a respectability cloak known as "religion", which, even to this day, demands unconditional respect from everyone. No doubt this will be seen by many as "free speech" and actually I'm OK with that, what I object to is the unwarranted protection that the label of "religion" offers to trouble-making morons like this. The cloak of respectability is the thing that needs to be broken wide open in my view, these views need to be exposed, spades need to be called spades and people need to understand what it really is they're signing up for.

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