Tuesday, July 05, 2016

What happens when journalists become politicians

Well worth a careful listen.

If you're someone like me,who values evidence based argument and fact based analysis as a way of making the best decisions you can in life then this summary of the "Brexit" case will make you weep.

I'm starting to feel like we need to challenge the legitimacy of this referendum, the result was very close and the result was, it seems to me, obtained via a campaign whose main pillars featured dishonesty (lies) at an industrial scale. 

Now that the leave campaign has won, almost all of the main protagonists have confessed to having no plan whatsoever and have evaporated into the background leaving the rest of us to sort it out. I was talking to some of my technology buddies this week, several of whom run companies and will be seeking investment over the coming months (as most growth companies do), the consensus was that overseas investment has all but dried up completely and UK based investment is now much more difficult to get; which ever way you want to skin this debacle, it remains an unbelievable mess.

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