Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How low can they go

So I see that ISIS supporters in France are continuing to fail at trying to show us that their culture is superior to ours, killing innocent, unarmed 84 year old men in their place of worship is hardly a pinnacle of human achievement. As most people with any education know the 7th century delivered practically nothing in terms of advancement for our species and certainly no wisdom of any note. There was one (man-made) invention of course, a plagiarism of an existing Middle Eastern superstition that went on to be used to rally troops to bloody conquest and control the minds of children for many centuries to come. Like all of these primitive mythologies they contain very little of merit, certainly nothing new and are mostly constructed out of hate, fear and tribalism. Many continue to make outrageous and unsubstantiated claims to this day and many of us feel that the sooner they all disappear back into the sand (as they all eventually do) the better it will be for all human beings. Secular democracy, the enlightenment and the rule of law is under attack and the line needs to be held by all of us, but pouring the fuel of conflicting faiths onto the already glowing embers of hate and envy only ever increases the risk of flame, this is a conflict that certainly doesn't need any more religion in it.

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