Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Top 10's - Albums

It's been a fairly quiet year in terms of music, I probably haven't bought as much this year as I have done in past years but what I have bought I have enjoyed and listened to a lot. So, here's my list of 2017 albums ...

1. Endless forms so Beautiful – Nightwish, a bit of a wild-card discovery for me in 2017, a style that mixes classical and heavy metal, very good musicianship and imaginative production. This particular album wasn't made in 2017 but I heard it first in the Summer, it caught my interest because it's main themes are around evolution and science. It even features Richard Dawkins reading from one of his books. Not for everyone and probably won't endure but I enjoyed this very much.

2. Is This the life we really want – Roger Waters at his miserable best. A political rant through the major topics of the day from the master of music as a political statement. Compelling listening, I hear something new every time I put it on.

3. As You Were – Liam Gallagher, fan of Oasis or not there's something in this one for most people. Hopefully this marks the maturation of Liam or at least the start of it which is a good thing the boy has talent.

4. Scream Above the Sounds – Stereophonics, solid rock, good lyrics and rasping lead vocals from Kelly Jones, what's not to like?

5. Visions of Life – Wolf Alice, haunting vocals and a really distinctive sound from this four-piece, diverse and very promising.

6. Other – Alison Moyet, loved her in the 80s, her voice is still wonderful and the lyrics on this one are memorable too.

7. Utopia – Bjork, annoying and yet irresistible, Bjork really is an adventurous artist.

8. Songs of Experience – U2, perhaps getting a little long in the tooth these days but still capable of cranking out a decent tune IMO; lyrics good too.

9. Original Soundtrack – La La Land; nothing particularly new here, just a bunch of classics that no one can argue with.

10. Watching Angels Mend – Alex Lloyd, not a new album, but new to me in 2017! What a great singer Alex Lloyd is. An Australian who isn't well known here in the UK but some classy stuff here.

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