Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Top 10's - Wine

I've been collecting and geeking-out about wine for over 20 years now; found some interesting new discoveries this year and some re-acquaintances that stood out too, here's the list...

1. Flaccianello - A beautiful Sangiovese based red from Tuscany, a new discovery for me whilst on holiday in Florence, a real belter, aged in French oak and beautifully balanced, one bottle would never be enough.

2. Tignanello - An Antinori classic. I've had this before, many years ago, but I had it again this year whilst on holiday in Italy. Something about drinking this wine in it's natural home made it even more special, a superb wine.

3. Les Tourelles de Longueville - Classic Pauillac from Bordeaux, the second wine of famous Chateau Pichon Baron. I was fortunate enough to buy some back in 2000, we opened a bottle this year, it was singing.

4. Il Bruciato – Another Antinori wine, really surprised at this one, I expected a generic "industrial" Sangiovese blend but got a pleasantly refined and structured red, must get some of this.

5. Ch Moulin Riche – Second wine of Leoville Poyferre in St. Julien, Bordeaux, my favourite wine producing region in the world (probably); classic, refined, balanced and from a really top vintage (2010) - I have a case of 12 bottles which will hopefully provide pleasure for many years to come.

6. Il Poggione - Another Italian discovery, not particularly rare or expensive but really good in-situ with Italian food, unbeatable value compared to other prestigious wine making regions (I'm looking at you Bordeaux!)

7. Wild Boy – Chardonnay, from American producer Au Bon Climat, this was a real surprise, wasn't expecting much but got a real cracker that would give top end Burgundies a run for their money.

8. Dog Point - Chardonnay, a leading New Zealand producer, stunning depth of flavour and real character to this wine, will probably age well too.

9. La Compagnon – Domaine Ledogar, a wild-card choice from a restaurant menu whilst visiting friend near Toulouse, a beauty, inky, fresh, flavorsome, shame I can't find it here in the UK. Oh well will just have to go to France again!

10. Ch. Montus - Another wine from the South West of France, probably one of the best from the Madiran region, a monster of a wine, would benefit from some more age but undeniably classy.

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