Sunday, December 03, 2017

Cream Soda

Took a sneak-peak of a new beer last night, it's got another week of conditioning to go before it's properly ready but I have 15x330ml bottles of the stuff so no harm in seeing how it's getting along! 

"Hard Rollin'" is an American style IPA made with a mix of American (Equinox) and German (Hallertau & Mandarina) hops, fermented with a classic London ale yeast (from the Fullers brewery). It tasted really good, nice levels of citrus fruit and malt, good mouth-feel and around 6% ABV with a really fine fluffy white head. The German hops had really added something unusual (in a good way), a taste that had us all perplexed for a while until we realised (dredging the memory banks) that it was cream soda A childhood memory for most of us over-40s (especially with vanilla ice-cream floating in it!), as I don't think you can buy the stuff anymore? Or at least, you don't see it much in the shops these days, I must remember to have a look next time I'm in the supermarket.

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