Monday, August 09, 2010

Are you on the list?

Apparently this Christian poster is real, I can't imagine that it would allow or even encourage many people to attend the church or sect that it's for?

I see Atheists on the list sandwiched between wife beaters and new ager's, sounds about right, but I can't find "know-it-all scientist's" (note the special use of the apostrophe here). I particularly like "Loud mouth women" but am baffled by "P.K's" and "High Fullutent", must be an American thing, Elizabeth you need to help me out with those... :)


Revd Drayton Parslow said...

"High Faluting". People above their station. And quite right too.

Steve Borthwick said...

Revd, this must be a Baptist poster! ;)

Lisa said...

NO idea what P.K. stands for, and of course, high falutin - just misspelled (and they claim literacy is 99% in america).

I had to laugh at all the stupid greengrocers' apostrophes. Just trying to show us clearly that they're at the shallow end of the gene pool - or else maybe the author had to leave school when theys was six to helpp at home cuz daddy up n lef and mummy needed sumone to go to work ait the factery.