Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Demented Christians

Whenever decent atheists in the UK need a poster boy for demented Christianity then Stephen "Bird Shit" Green steps up to the plate and delivers admirably. 4Thought.tv is a series being run by channel 4 that explores diverse religious and ethical views, SbsG had 2 minutes of fame and was on last night ranting and frothing about homosexuality, take a look at the insanity he claims to believe.

We are seeing a homosexualisation of society, but not reproducing ourselves except in the Muslim population. It’s not Muslim mums’ fault that they are having five or six children, they are doing what the Lord God designed their bodies to do, but in 30 years our dying civilisation is going to be taken over by a stronger one and the obvious candidate is Islam and the gays aren’t going to like it much living under that system.

How much paranoia can you fit in one sentence.

We investigate population growth using a measure called TFR or total fertility rate, a TFR of 2 means that every "couple" simply reproduces themselves, i.e. has two children, theoretically this means stasis however you need slightly more than that because in poorer countries some kids die before they mature so a TFR of roughly 2.1 or 2.2 is required to eventually keep the population steady (its more complicated than this but the general principal is illustrative) In 1991 the TFR was 3.4, even a small difference leads to huge numbers when projected a few decades out, for example even if the TFR reduced to 2.1 the projected population for 2150 would be 12 billion (i.e. double what it is now) small changes make big differences, i.e. 2.2 gives us 20 billion.

If SbsG had his way then we'd almost certainly have a population way in excess of 100 billion by the turn of the century, by any measure this would be utterly disastrous and probably catastrophic for our ecosystem and the future of our species. At those levels societies and cultures would break down through lack of resources, war, disease and child mortality rates not seen since the middle ages and the forces of natural selection would reassert their grip on Human populations with a vengeance. I doubt very much it would be ignorant middle-class Christians like Mr Green who would win a survival race like that; my money would be on bacteria and sewer rats outliving Christianity any day.


Lisa said...


but there would be a much larger group of children from which priests could choose their precious molestees. Look on the bright side.

I do have a lot of sympathy for this poor man: in the end he would love for homosexuals to have to endure a muslim regime, and yet the dominance of that regime would mean his own regime has LOST the worldly war for domination. What a horrible bind!

Steve Borthwick said...

Lisa, not to mention all those careers to be carved out of filling their heads with superstition, fear and slavish obedience to authority; there's always an upside!

I think this mans' brain suffers so much dissonance that blatant contradictions like that never quite penetrate; he's clearly obsessed with being gay, like many of his peers, I'm not sure why he doesn't just load up with crystal meth and try it? :o