Thursday, August 05, 2010

Never buy shoes on the WEB

This should be added to the pantheon of common sense rules of thumb that from time to time I completely ignore in the naive belief that standard units of measure actually mean something.

I bought a pair of New Balance running shoes on the WEB the other day, now, I already own a pair of running shoes but they are many years old and have been designated by the united nations a safe haven for cheese manufacturing bacteria; so I thought I would treat myself to a shiny new pair to accompany me in the woods on these fine summer evenings. My normal shoe size is 45 (UK 11) but I know from experience that when it comes to running shoes a little extra room is advisable so every running shoe I've ever owned has been size 46 (UK 12); That's what I ordered, feeling smug that I saved myself a few quid by ordering from a discount store on the WEB.

The box arrived last week and I excitedly opened it and slipped the new shoes on (don't you just love the smell of new running shoes!), anyway I was shocked to find that my toes touched the end of the shoe! They must have sent the wrong size I thought, but no, the size on the label was correct, 46. So back they went for a pair of 47's eroding any saving made in postage, the 47's arrived today, I tried them on, guess what my toes still touch the end!

This pediferous conundrum caused me to do some research, I found that as far as New Balance is concerned size UK 11 means 45.5, this is odd so I looked at what my existing shoe manufacturer Saucony uses, they say that UK 11 means 46.5, the plot thickens! Adidas say 45.3, Asics say 46.5, Brooks say 46 and Reebok say 45.5. With all of this seemingly random variation between numbers that are supposed to mean the SAME THING! how anyone is expected to order the right size shoe from the WEB is clearly down to pot luck..!

Next time I need shoes, I'm going to a shop!


Elizabeth said...

You poor thing! I've done that too. So proud to have ordered designer shoes at a fraction of the cost only to find they don't fit. I struggle on, determined to wear them but in the end they get given away.

Steve Borthwick said...

E, yes, I suppose the 2nd hand shoe market isn't that great...