Monday, August 16, 2010

Ban one, ban all?

There is a big stink going on in New York and the American press generally around plans to build a mosque at the "ground zero" site in down-town Manhattan. As a non-religious person I don't really care either way, it seems pointless to me to build a place of worship anywhere and I'm sure any small child can think of better uses for such valuable land, anyway, if no laws are being broken then why not? Surely if buildings for Islamic purposes aren't allowed then buildings for Christian, Jewish or any "woo-woo" purposes shouldn't be allowed either?

It strikes me that there probably isn't a square yard of the UK that isn't "near" the site of some atrocity or other at some point in our rich and blood fuelled history, most of which are linked in some way to religious dogma or some divine right of kings power struggle. So what exactly would a "safe" distance for a religious building be (either in time or in distance)? The question is a pointless one for an Atheist of course since any religiously inspired atrocity is in fact just another Human atrocity among the countless Human atrocities past, present and future; its just the religious ones have a poorer reason than most.

This cartoon sums it up nicely...

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