Wednesday, August 04, 2010

God hates...apparently

Most people will know about the odious Phelps family in the USA who make the ridiculous claim that not only do they know absolutely that God exists they also know what he's thinking too.. These sad, small minded people squat outside funerals and other public events waving their little "God hates fags" banners coveting publicity and feeding on the grief of others, calling them parasitic losers would be too kind.

According to them God hates homosexual people and much like Stephen (bird shit) Green they claim that God is punishing or will punish society for tolerating them, rational people ask the simple question, if God hates fags then why did he create them? Obviously people so deeply under the spell of faith are impervious to any form of common sense unless it agrees with their vicious paranoid superstitions.

Here we see one of the Phelps mob (I refuse to call them a church) waving his little signs like a precocious child craving attention and another bystander dealing with him using admirable brevity.


Lisa said...

I read this and fantasised that if there really are gods that it's actually christians they hate. I would spend my eternity in hell laughing at that!

Steve Borthwick said...

Lisa, imagine turning up at the pearly gates only to find Thor and Odin; I'd convert just to see the look on Tony Blairs' face.