Friday, February 27, 2015

Avijit Roy

This was the moment that author and Bangladeshi blogger Avijit Roy was hacked to death while walking home from a book fair in Dhaka; his wife Rafida was also seriously injured losing a finger in the attack. Avijit was an Atheist and author of a well known free-thought/secular blog which promoted rational thinking in his native Bengali language.

Islamism, it's insecurity and ingrained victim-hood psychopathy would appear to underpin this murder (again) it seems not a single day passes when we don't hear of some violent attack against an act of free-speech or indeed any unfortunate soul who dares hold a different view to these thugs. The people that suffer the most are the poor sods who have to live alongside or under the heal of these groups, mostly Muslims of course; its hard to imagine what that must be like. The closest perhaps is that it's akin to being held in a WWII Japanese POW camp, where the psychopathic guards feel free to beat you to within an inch of your life at any moment for a completely random infraction, all the while stealing your food parcels and burning letters home; the stress and feeling of hopelessness must be unbearable. Here's a link to his last ever article you can see what a reasonable, peace loving and enlightened chap he was.

People like to think this kind of bullying and intimidation couldn't happen here in the UK, I believe they are wrong about that. We don't even need to concern ourselves with the thuggish behaviour of certain Islamist groups we only need to read the drivel pumped out by the likes of Eric Pickles MP who sounds just like a proto-theocrat when he says "Faith should no longer be treated as a personal hobby which should be for the few". For those people besotted by "magic" (as Pickles clearly is), after centuries of privilege and protection any dissenting voice threatens to break the spell; that's why such voices are heard as an "attack" and not the reasonable argument that they invariably are. In the end Secularists simply want there to be parity between all religions and none in the public square, such that no specific group has a privileged platform upon which to proselytise (as Pickles so blatantly abuses) or impose its supernatural beliefs on others, is that too much to ask?

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