Thursday, February 26, 2015

Islamist tools

This is what ignorance looks like. Sometimes it amazes me when religious people here in the UK moan and bitch about their faith being "attacked" by secularists for simply expressing contrary views using words and pictures, they should get far more excited about their fellow religionists if you ask me!

Take a look at the morons in this image; these wannabe theological Einstein's are so insecure in their beliefs that they feel the need to destroy artefacts from a civilisation that died over 2000 years ago; as if it represents some kind of threat to their Deity. All we can reasonably conclude is that God is not that "great", he clearly needs help from Wickes DIY! (it's good to see Thor being celebrated here, nothing like getting completely hammered!)

The only positive I can draw from these images is the certainty that all religions, creeds, countries, cultures and Gods eventually die out and are consigned to the dustbin of history; for some that day cannot come soon enough.

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