Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Keep your enemies closer?

Saudi Arabia shows again today that it's ruling elite subscribe to a system that treats subjects as property, their lives can be given or taken away according an ever changing (and politically expedient) interpretation of certain verses of their holy book, and by definition, the convenient ignoring of other verses.

A man from the Northern town of Hafr al-Batin apparently uploaded a video clip of him tearing up a Koran (which he owned) and hitting it with a shoe, a Saudi court has sentenced him to death. Shown above is our King in waiting Prince Charles who is as thick as thieves with the Saudi royals and judging by this photo is either practising his Sun Tzu by keeping enemies closer than friends or is so callous that he's indifferent to the human suffering that this backward regime imposes in the name of it's inhumane and immoral ideology, Wahhabism; let's all hope it's the former.

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