Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dinosaur deniers?

I came across a stupid web-site today called "Christians against dinosaurs" it's basically a site that claims dinosaurs never existed and fossils are a conspiracy by scientists against the delusion that the Earth is only 6 thousand years old (as per a literal interpretation of the Bible). Now, this is such a stupid idea that this web-site surely has to be a fake, a spoof, but then again religiously inspired ideas can be so dumb sometimes that you never know, it could be real..

In the video this woman claims that fossils are not bones but rocks (kind of true) but then goes on to say that scientists excavating fossils carve out the intricate shapes themselves, complying with previous notions of what the bones of a particular dinosaur should look like. (if real) this lady clearly has never been fossil hunting, she should try it, anyone can and it's great fun and nothing like she imagines.

Below is a picture of a fossil my son found last year on a trip to Charmouth beach in Dorset, it's a 200 million year old Ammonite (we found lots), if he carved this out using his bare hands in the 5 seconds it took him to cleave the rock and turn around to show me I'll eat my left testicle.

You may well ask how I know this fossil is 200 million years old; that's another wonderful story of scientific discovery but rather than going into that now perhaps we should see if "Christians against dinosaurs" make a video about radiometric dating methods too; at least then we'll have a low-tide mark of ignorance upon which to build.

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