Friday, February 20, 2015


Watched a documentary on the Prog-Rock group Genesis last night, called "together and apart" it tracked the story of their formation, evolution and demise spanning almost 4 decades. All the main twists and turns were covered, bust-ups, fall-outs and theatrical excesses but I must admit the band members all looked pretty good for a bunch of old gits in their mid-60s and the film really captured something of the group "dynamic", really fascinating.

What struck me most was that listening to clips of the classics spanning their entire discography it was amazing they had so many memorable songs and also how those albums provided a kind of soundtrack to my life. Not that I didn't love other bands as much, I did, but for every album shown I could remember precisely where I was, who I was with and what I was doing; it left me with the feeling of a real journey. I'm sure many other people feel this way about this music, it was that kind of music; these days my kids look at me in horror at the thought of listening to a whole album in one go, it seems the world prefers things sliced up into smaller pieces these days.

I'm working from home today as I have a raging sore throat and burgeoning cold but the upside is that I have Supper's Ready blaring out at full blast!

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