Sunday, January 24, 2016

Crafty craft value beer

One of my recently hand-crafted crafty craft beers became ready to consume this weekend so I treated myself to a pint on Saturday night as we watched the Spielberg film "Munich", I'd forgotten how gripping it was. This one used a recipe I found online which was supposed to produce a beer similar to the classic "Jaipur" from commercial brewer Thornbridge (Derbyshire). It's a very popular beer and has been sold in supermarkets like Waitrose for several years now. I think it goes for about £2.50 a pint, slightly less if you buy a case of 12; in comparison this little beauty cost me about 35p (ingredients only) pretty good value, but the 64k dollar question was did it taste as good as the real thing?

The flavour hops used in the recipe included Ahtanum, Centennial and Chinook (and lots of them) and the malts used were pretty standard Maris Otter, Munich (hence the film choice) and Carapils. The resulting beer tasted great, fruity, well carbonated with layers of flavour including citrus, grapefruit, pine with a touch of sweetness balanced against a good bitter backbone. I don't think it tastes that much like the original Jaipur TBH, at ~5.5% ABV it's more like a good American IPA and the colour was a bit darker than the original, but even so, I'm pretty happy with it.

The picture below shows the original.

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